10 Clever Ideas for Your Living Room Curtains

Bright and psychedelic – a look that seemed wonderful on your best friend’s curtains when you visited her for Diwali but just didn’t seem to sit well with your home decor.

Curtains can transform the look of your living room, including the entire home. How many of us choose them wisely, though? Most often, we end up putting whatever we can find, in colours that may not match our space and in materials that can be detrimental to the health of the family.

If you’re looking for colourful and elegant drapery options to transform your space, here are a few ideas to decorate your living room with curtains:

1. English Curtains

Perfect for large, picturesque French windows, English curtains are neutral and can blend with any home decor. They need regular maintenance. They add an English elegance to space and mix well with vintage wooden sofas as well as modern minimalist ones.

English Curtains

2. Linen Curtains for Living Room

Linen is a natural, breathable material that lets in the light as well as is airy. It also lends a bohemian aesthetic to raw, neutral hues. Sofa sets in bright and earthy tones, as well as a rustic decor, bring out the beauty of linen very well.

linen curtains

3. Vibrant Red colour Curtains

Red color curtain Design

Vibrant red curtains are often not a go-to option in most homes or put up temporarily for festive occasions. Bright red can truly uplift a living space, add a focal element and can be designed for large as well as small windows. The important thing in using red is not letting it clash with other colours around the room, rather blending well with a sombre decor space.

4. Cotton Curtains

Cotton curtains are an excellent option for everyday use in the living space. They control dust, keep the living area breathable and also help in the circulation of air. Cotton can be thick or thin depending on the kind of material purchased and can fade with time. They need to be washed and changed regularly.

Cotton Curtains

5. Ikat Prints Curtain

Ikat is a resist dye ancient textile method with bold, bright and vivid patterns, traditionally woven in India. Its vibrant hue, soft feel and availability in multiple designs make it a versatile fabric that can be used in any kind of home furnishing. Ikat lends a deconstructed bohemian feel to a layered space and can spruce up the living room nicely.

ikat print curtains

6. Woollen Curtains 

A very rare material used in curtain material, wool can keep the living space warm, cosy and inviting. With the majority of India not experiencing extreme cold, wool can be used only when the climate demands it. It is available in embroidered as well as self colours but can be challenging to maintain and clean.

woolen curtains

7. Floral Print Living Room Curtains

Floral Print curtains

Flower prints on living room curtains were all the rage a few decades ago. After that, they saw a decline. Flowers are gradually getting back to living rooms. They add a bright spot of colour, texture and design to spaces that are uniformly toned. Their patterns can be as sparse or as crowded as required.

8. Silk Curtains

Silk is a soft, thin material, and looks especially royal and vibrant. It makes for a great curtain option for the living space. The vibrant colours make the home look opulent, but silk fibres tend to unravel after a while. Faux silk fabric is long-lasting and also affordable.

decorative silk curtains

9. Denim Curtains

Denim Curtains design for living room

Denim as curtains might be as surprising as jeans made of silk, and yet denim adds a unique character as drapes to the living space. Whether in light or dark tones, with applique or embroidery, they are exciting and make for eye-catching drapery.

10. Striped Curtains 

Thin or fat stripes, in plaid or tartan, striped curtains in any material are a quirky mix of the old and new. They can match any kind of decor, furniture and space seamlessly.

Striped Curtain Design

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