12 Designers Share the Best Styling Advice They’ve Ever Heard

Styling — whether you’re taking on an entire room, a coffee table, or just a single bookshelf — can feel like a daunting task, especially if you’re a beginner. The good news is that if you’re feeling stumped by a corner of your home at the moment, you’re in luck. We spoke with designers who shared the most helpful styling advice they’ve received over the course of their careers. After reading through their suggestions, we’re feeling amped up and ready to make some Insta-worthy updates.

Collect Meaningful Pieces

“I love raiding my grandmother’s stuff and seeing what goodies I can put on display at my place, and she’s usually always cool with parting ways with whatever I have my eyes set on. My favorite piece is a brass hand back-scratcher, sitting on my nightstand from her collection of things.

I’m not a big shopper while on vacation but if I am on a once-in-a-lifetime trip or visiting somewhere with a lot of history and culture, I will make it a point to visit some local artisans and museums. One of my favorite pieces I picked up during my travels is a brass cheetah dish from a museum in Paris. It sits on my coffee table and holds my crystals and sage; it’s such a sentimental piece that brings back so many great memories.” —Kara Thomas, founder of Studio KT

Incorporate Living Elements

“For all spaces we create, it’s important to integrate living elements within our styling
such as crystals, flowers, greenery, and plants. I was born in Brazil, so I have always
been surrounded by nature both indoors and outdoors and truly believe that when
there’s nothing living in the room, the room is not living.” —Juliana Oliveira, designer and owner of Beyond Interior Design

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