A Delightfully Cheerful Melbourne Family Home

Madeleine Stamer wasn’t immediately taken with this bayside Melbourne home, but it did intrigue her.

The artist, with her husband Karl Stamer, owner of Lantern Printing, and children Wilhelmina (15) and Ada (12) previously lived up the road, watching as the semi-detached art deco home underwent a full renovation by Field Design Studio.

‘We often passed it on our daily commute and became increasingly smitten by the contemporary and unique appearance of the home,’ says Madeleine. ‘I loved how it stood apart from the rest of the neighbouring homes.’

The family were considering an extension of their existing home in 2017 when they drove past this now fully-renovated house with an auction sign out front. It was a perfect fit, encompassing a converted attic space (‘every teenagers dream!’) and a modern extension of the living space.  ‘The rest is history!’ says Madeleine.

Originally a semi-detached art deco, additions by Field Design Studio have added contemporary but complementary details, including custom-built storage bench seats, a concrete and recycled brick fireplace, and timber sliding doors to separate the existing and new areas. ‘Having a study, walk-in robe and en suite was the icing on the cake!’ Madeleine says.

‘Although the house appears small from the front, there’s a deceptiveness to it, much like the Tardis!’ says Madeleine. ‘It’s small on the outside, big on the inside,’

What’s really brought this home to life is the styling – a delightful array of colourful art, vintage furniture, and pieces by local makers. Madeleine and Karl have also spent significant time reestablishing the garden, improving the feel of the entire property.

‘I love that we’ve made our mark on it. We’ve nurtured the garden and really brought it to life,’ says Madeleine.

‘Nearly five years later, we’re still pinching ourselves that this is our home!’

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