DIY Black and White Patio Redo Idea – Before and After Photos

Like any indoor room, an outdoor space must often serve as multiple uses: a hangout area, a cooking zone, a stain to eat and a pet playground, to name a few. So when you have a small outdoor patio that is not optimized to meet all these requirements, things can become disordered.

Take it from Marlana Bevan, who lives in a town of Philadelphia in a row that has a concrete patio. As she has two dogs, they got the race of the region – and “it was mainly used as a giant pot patch,” says Marlana. “Combine with too much door that has swollen closed in the heat and we had a waste of fish space filled with pee!”

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During a weekend, Marlana and her husband could completely transform their patio, it was a space that everyone – people and dogs included – could enjoy it. They started by eliminating the patio and the cleaner before picking up the walls with a black concrete spot. On the blue floor, they used a much cooler white patio painting.

“We wanted a dreamer blank for the ground but because of Covid, everything was exhausted,” says Marlana. They found an intelligent solution using what they had already bought: “We took the white paint and I used the black stain remains of the walls to create a splashing effect to darken a little.”

Marlana’s husband also built a new wooden door, which is the wooden bench he also broke. Finally, he built a dog pot patch using a Pinterest plan to start. With IKEA grass tiles, pressure-treated wood, a shower liner and sea magazine supplies, it has created an area that contains a dog activity. “Our puppies love him and he empties directly into our outdoor drain,” says Marlana. “No more Smelly patio!”

The refreshed patio gives way to seating, planters and a grill, so that Marlana and her husband can enjoy the space maximum. And the total cost was only about $ 600 – a good deal given the vast transformation.

“Everyone says, but painting has an impact as huge,” says Marlana. “We like we have somewhere to sit down and enjoy being outdoors while serving his goal for our beloved puppies.”

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