Pot-Scaping Is the Outdoor Trend Anyone Can Do — Even Inside

A beautiful planter can add a touch of color and texture in your space, but there is no reason why the same effect can not translate to the outdoors. During a recent interview with Matthew Blashaw, known for hosting “professional grade” of HGTV among other shows, it surfaced the idea of ​​Périer, which is arranged with pots, and it’s the trend of The Court you did not know that you did not know.

Blashaw met his wife in Kansas City five years ago, which presented it to the fascinating world of hairdressing which has a great presence in Missouri. “It creates these pot clusters, these groups of large pots – different sizes, different colors, medium to straight in the corner [of the court],” said Blashawaw Therapy. “You have these latter fresh levels, then you put these different plants of this so that you have created a sculpture with this pot, and it is a pot-scape.”

Blashaw uses the example of having a garden bed that looks cast and in short, not so great. “I’m going to bring a rock, some pots, some low pots, high pots, a color that is about to group with other plants you need to give more visual interest,” said Blashaw.

With a wide variety of colors and sizes, the possibilities of grouping pots together to add vibration into your yard are endless – whether positioned on your porch before or incorporated directly into the landscape. And for those who live various weather conditions during the four seasons, one of the best parts of the criminalization of the pot is that the pots will add from color to the outside all year, no matter what is or is growing not at the time.

But of course, you can incorporate the art of pot-scaping indoors, too. This is a smart way to add a bit more life into your interior spaces, especially for those who don’t have an outdoor outlet to even explore landscaping in. “Why not make your own little backyard, even if you have a small, little confined space,” Blashaw said.

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