This Quick Sit-Down Weekend Project Could Save You Money All Year Round

It’s one thing to save money by not spending money. Everyone is well-versed in the usual advice, like packing your own lunch, brewing coffee at home, or splitting entrees when you go out to eat. But there’s a silent money suck that drains money straight from your bank account, even as you make a valiant effort to scrimp and pinch and not spend: All those sneaky subscriptions!

If you’re anything like me, you may have hit “subscribe” on a lot more apps and email lists and site subscriptions than you would have in normal life. By all means, keep the subscriptions that are still adding value to your life. But this weekend is a good time time to re-evaluate, to take a look at those subscriptions with a fine-tooth comb and cancel the under-appreciated ones as freely as you subscribed.

You might be surprised and hopefully delighted at how much money you’ll save per month once you get rid of the subscriptions that are silently siphoning your funds

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